6 Keys To Creating Unique Content in Your Web or Blog

Those who have an online business should know that having unique content available is a determining factor for the positioning of the web. In fact, among all the strategies that exist to position the content is classified as the queen of all.

Why is it important to have unique content?

Experts in SEO strategies point out that content is what has the most weight when the search engines position. The large amount of content that is available on the Internet, forces search engines to classify, order and display it to users in an orderly way so that they do not get lost. From there, arises the need for optimization that have the search engines, as well as improve the user experience, help you find useful, important, updated and relevant content with what you are really looking for.

6 Keys To Creating Unique Content in Your Web or Blog

Here we leave you 5 keys to create unique and quality content in your web or blog:

  1. Definition. The content must be adapted to the site, ie, the information has to do with the end of the page. After that, we must ensure that it is 100% original, creative, easy to read and current.
  2. Maintain an editorial line. This means, to be clear the audience that we are going to address. Also, it includes aspects like the frequency with which the posts are published.
  3. Automatic Article Rewriter Tool can be used to create unique content for your blog.
  4. Keywords. Using more than words, key phrases (no more than three or four words), will make the difference, as we will move from the general to the more specific. These should be included in each article, title or labels.
    Striking headlines.
  5. They are one of the most important aspects since it is one of the first things that the reader sees along with the main image. From 10 to 11 words is the standard for an eye-catching headline.
  6. Words in bold. They should be used to highlight key aspects of the article.

All these well-worked points result in original, unique and quality content, a site that will never be penalized by Google or excluded from search engine results.


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