Despite open question: Lindner feels Foda’s trust

Grasshoppers-Goalie has no problem with missing definition on trunkkeeper. Praise for club colleagues Holzhauser.

Bad Waltersdorf – The question of the Austrian national soccer team’s success has not been answered before the test match against Sweden in Vienna on Thursday and the Nations-League match in Bosnia-Herzegovina on Tuesday. Although under team boss Franco Foda Heinz Lindner was mostly in action and delivered attractive performances, the Upper Austrian is not set for the long term in the ÖFB selection.

“Both very good goalscorers”

Lindner can deal well with this situation. “The trainer has expressed confidence in each of us,” said the Grasshoppers professional on Tuesday at the ÖFB camp in Bad Waltersdorf. His current rivals are Richard Strebinger and Cican Stankovic. “Both very good goalkeepers”, Lindner judged. Players looking for a different type of online casino must try Winzino.

But both are still waiting for their first international matches, while Lindner is holding 19 ÖFB games. “Of course it’s an advantage to have experience. But playing in the Europa League is also international experience,” Lindner said about the Rapid and the Salzburg goalkeeper.

According to Foda, the Swiss legionnaire should be in goal in the next two games, after which the cards could be reshuffled – no problem for Lindner. “I didn’t do anything wrong in my games, I’ll continue to go my way and try to perform well.”

Franco Foda Honours 


1. FC Kaiserslautern
  • DFB-Pokal 1989–90 
Bayer Leverkusen
  • DFB-Pokal: 1992–93 
Sturm Graz
  • Austrian Football Bundesliga: 1997–98,1998–99 
  • Austrian Cup: 1998–99 
  • Austrian Supercup: 1999 


Sturm Graz
  • Austrian Cup: 2009–10 
  • Austrian Football Bundesliga: 2010–11

ÖFB winzino

Number one in Zurich

Lindner is the undisputed number one among the Grasshoppers, but he couldn’t change the fact that the start of the season was a failure with four points from six games and penultimate place in the standings. “But we also had a difficult opening programme and will still score some points.”

In Zurich, Lindner plays as the second captain under the guidance of ex-Austria coach Thorsten Fink together with his compatriots Marco Djuricin and Raphael Holzhauser. The latter scored his first goal for the Grasshoppers on Sunday at the 1:2 in Lucerne in a way worth seeing. “He tries to take the reins and does his job very well,” said Lindner about Holzhauser.

Similar level in Switzerland

The level of the Swiss league is quite comparable to that of the Austrian league. “Only the infrastructure is a bit better in Switzerland. And Swiss clubs that are at the bottom of the table are looking for playful solutions, which was not the case in my time in Austria.” Lindner changed from Austria to Eintracht Frankfurt in the summer of 2015 and moved to Zurich two years later.

Overdue motivation boost for FC Wacker

FC Wacker black type

FC Wacker is going into the international break after its first home win. Tirol’s football fans are to be lured back to the Tivoli stadium with further successes.

Innsbruck – Because Dominik Baumgartner‘s soccer world was back in balance, the entire FC Wacker community took a deep collective breath. “Very important, because firstly overdue and secondly long overdue,” was Alfred Hörtnagl’s relief after the 2-1 win over Hartberg. The Wacker manager finally located effectiveness, “because we fixed the three points with two standards and, in addition, for the first time this season a deficit was converted into a victory”.

Alfred Hörtnagl Honours 

  • Austrian Football Bundesliga (5):
    • 1989, 1990, 2000, 2001, 2002
  • Austrian Cup (3):
    • 1989, 1993, 1996

 Tyroleans black type

Just as FC Wacker, who had to cope with four narrow defeats in the first five rounds, the narrow success in the promotion duel was also a balm for the injured football soul of the “Man of the Match” and a long overdue motivation boost before the international break. The 22-year-old was a fixed pillar in central defence in the past year of promotion, was traded as a hot transfer share in the summer and then sat on the bench for the last time. “We are well staffed in the defence headquarters,” hopes the Lower Austrian, who has been on the FCW payroll since summer 2016, that he will be back in the starting eleven of coach Karl Daxbacher in the future. Baumgartner sees the fact that he still plays in Wacker’s dress as an opportunity: “I wasn’t really looking to change. It’s important that I play in the Bundesliga. And that’s the case with FC Wacker.”

Next week, the “Baumi” will be missing from the Wacker training, because ÖFB coach Werner Gregoritsch called the FCW professional into his squad for the two U21 European Championship qualifiers against Armenia and Gibraltar.

With the three points against Hartberg, FC Wacker improved to eighth place in the tipico Bundesliga. Numbers that could still improve after the international break. Because then the Tyroleans will face the WAC, the Admira and Mattersburg. Maybe the victory against Hartberg was the beginning of a series? “It was at least moments that were needed in the Tivoli,” Hörtnagl looked back on the final phase today. Goalie Christopher Knett’s penalty kick, the trembling to the final whistle and then finally the rejoicing of victory in the Tyrolean football temple. Which gives hope that the disappointing number of 3115 fans against Hartberg will swell again in the future. “It’s up to us to lure the audience back into the Tivoli with successes and good football,” Hörtnagl himself knows best that the ranks in the Tivoli are only well filled when the black greens play “at the top”. Black Type is not limiting their players accounts’ who win, offering high payouts and industry leading prices along with open honest and fair loyalty promotions.

Success-hungry ÖFB team challenges Sweden

Austrian Football Association ted bingo

The test international against World Cup quarter-finalist Sweden is a further assessment of the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) team’s position today. Without captain Julian Baumgartlinger, the Foda team wants to prove their strength.

Vienna, Innsbruck – The football world was turned upside down at the World Cup a few weeks ago, in particular with the preliminary round out of the dethroned World Champion Germany. Today’s opponent from Sweden, who surprisingly marched into the quarter-finals while the ÖFB team was already on holiday, also made sure of this. Before that, in the era under Neo team boss Franco Foda, the start record was set with five wins in a row (including the historic 2-1 win over Germany), before Brazil showed the ÖFB team the limits again. What does all this mean for tonight?

You use an English proverb: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.” What was yesterday is history. What comes tomorrow – looking ahead to the Nations-League kick-off next Tuesday in Bosnia – is still uncertain. And the “gift” of (footballer) life can only be found in today. “You have to prove yourself again and again,” Foda sums it up everywhere: “There are no test matches for us”.

world champion ted bingo

A dress rehearsal for the Bosnia match against the Scandinavians can only take place to a limited extent, especially since more high and second balls as well as some days later technically possibly more miserable kickers will be waiting today. In the game with the ball, however, the “new” rehearsed 3-4-3 should show automatisms. “We only concentrated on Sweden and then have four days to tune in to Bosnia,” Foda says, focusing on day-to-day business.

The 52-year-old German clearly did not let anyone mimic the injured Julian Baumgartlinger’s part in the midfield centre of Vienna’s Generali Arena yesterday. It will nevertheless be interesting to see who can begin to replace the fighting power and experience of “Jules” against the strong Swedes, with whom some of the regulars will possibly first take their seats on the bench.

The fact that yesterday at the final press conference with Bavaria star David Alaba and West Ham regional Marko Arnautovic, the two ÖFB capacity bearers sat next to Foda was self-explanatory after the Baumgartlinger breakdown. Normally the two “Spezls” are the last to arrive at international matches. At the next two appearances they will probably be the beginning and the end of the ÖFB starting eleven chain:

Alaba, who already acted as captain, is getting the bandage today; Arnautovic may celebrate its premiere as ÖFB captain on Tuesday in Bosnia. “On the whole, nothing changes. I’ve always tried to take on responsibility and go first,” Alaba stressed, while Arnautovic (“Push the team”) nodded approvingly. “We don’t have to look at what the Swedes are doing, we have enough quality,” Arnie wants to let the muscles play again.

Despite the short preparation time, Foda is also happy about a wide range of well-trained players. Knowing that a positive result will again be a question of willingness. Otherwise, see even world champion Germany, the others quickly displace one another. This is true in internal competition as well as in external comparison. Consequently, everyone should score best with (leadership) quality. Ted Bingo has free bingo tickets to various jackpot games.

Top 3 Broadway Shows of All Time

Theatres have been popular since the 19th century. Even now, people enjoy the happy vibe of the Broadway shows. Every year new shows are produced, but not all can win the hearts of the audiences. Some shows are timeless and have been running for many years. Here are the top Broadway shows of all time.

The Phantom of the Opera

It is produced based on the classic novel by Gaston Leroux. The first show was in 1988. Till now it has been staged more than 11,000 times. The songs were written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and are simply awesome. It won various awards. It is still running and entertaining both residents of New York and the visitors.


It was first shown in 1975. Till now there have been more than 1,000 performances. Though it has received mixed reviews, it is still one of the best Broadway shows of all time. It won various awards.

The Lion King

It is an adaptation of the Disney animated film. The music was by Elton John and it instantly captured the hearts of thousands of audiences. The costume designs are great. It first appeared in 1997. There have been nearly 8,000 performances and it’s still running. So, if you are in New York don’t miss this show.

There are many other Broadway shows like ‘Les Miserable’s’, ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Cats’, etc. that are also extremely popular. In fact, there are so many long-running shows that it’s difficult to make a list of the top ones.

These shows just mentioned are not only running for many years but have also earned well in the box office. These shows have great reviews and people still enjoy watching these shows for the amazing story, songs, costume, and performances.

5 Reasons People Enjoy Broadway Shows

Broadway shows are just magical. You will enter a different world and won’t feel like leaving it. Like me, many people are in love with Broadway shows. Here are the major reasons for its immense popularity.

Engaging stories

In these shows, the actors and actresses perform extraordinarily to tell the story to the audiences. They use songs, dances, costumes, and lighting to make the audiences fully immersed in the story. You won’t feel bored at all and will enjoy the entire show.

Music and dances

The music and dances are just awesome. You will feel like dancing to the beats. The choreography is great and you will love the synchronization of the group dancers. The costumes are attractive as well.


Some of the shows are about history and legendary figures. These shows are very educational. You will learn about history, people, culture, politics, and more.

Meet the performers

When you go to watch Broadway shows, you can meet the performers backstage if you are lucky. So, you get to meet your favorite actor or actress. It’s a very exciting experience.

Family entertainment

You will find a show for everybody. So, whether you are a couple of have children, you all can go and watch a Broadway show. It’s a great form of entertainment.

Seeing live shows is an unforgettable experience. You will enjoy every moment of it. The crowd is just awesome and you will love watching the show along with many other people who love theatre just like you. The music, dance, acting, story, costume, lighting, and atmosphere makes the Broadway shows so popular.

4 Ways to Get Cheap Tickets for Broadway Shows

If you visit New York City, you will be enthralled by the huge billboards of Broadway shows. Once you reach the Times Square, it will be very difficult for you to control yourself from watching a Broadway show.

But the tickets to these shows are very expensive; it costs from hundred dollars to thousand dollars. That’s why many people are unable to enjoy these shows. The good news is that you can get discount tickets to these shows. Here are the options you have.


You can try your luck by putting your name in the lottery. You can participate in both online and in-person lotteries. For every show, there is a lottery before the show starts. You will have to put your name within the designated time period.

Usually, you will get two tickets; but if you want to watch the show alone, you should mention it to the authority. You can get tickets at a very cheap price if your name appears in the lottery.

Rush tickets

These tickets are sold early in the morning just after the ticket booth opens. You need to queue up for the tickets. The number of such tickets available depends on the popularity of the show, a number of tickets already sold, the timing of the show, and other factors.

SRO tickets

These are tickets that allow you to watch the show by standing behind the orchestra area. It can be uncomfortable to stand for so long. However, if you really want to watch the show and you don’t have enough money, then this is a good option.

TKTS discount booths

You will find discount tickets in these booths. But you may not get tickets for the popular shows. You will need to stand in a line and wait for your chance to get a ticket.

So, if you love Broadway shows, there are many options to get a cheap ticket. If you are lucky, you will be able to watch a popular show at a discounted rate.