The 5 Universal Rules for Getting a Perfect Abs

Hundreds of abs, seven days a week, a lot of effort to get a heart attack, and yet, nevertheless, you never get to look them. Have you ever wondered that there is something that you are not doing well? Everyone can get a defined abs, but as long as they do things right. In view we have several examples of famous people who have gone from having bodies like that of anyone, rather mediocre, to wear it on magazine covers, and in just a few months.In life, there is usually a correlation between success and time spent or the effort expended in achieving an end. Therefore, if you do not achieve your purpose, it is because you do not face the challenge correctly, and despite the effort made, you do not follow the correct guidelines.
It is not enough just to do abdominal repetitions to infinity
If you want to get and wear a defined abs, not only do you need to try, but also, you should train with intelligence, it is not enough to do repetitions of abs to infinity. If we compare the exercise that must be done to get a good sit-ups with the work of a sculptor, they say that lifting weights is the hammer that is giving shape to the muscle, while performing exercises that isolate the abdominals are the chisel that sculpts them And defines.Well, we give you the 5 universal rules so that once and for all, you can show off the abs you’ve always wanted.

The 5 Universal Rules for Getting a Perfect Abs
1. Burn fat
It looks like Perogrullo, but for that we do crunches, to make them look. If you do not get it it is because above the muscle you have fat that hides it. Just as you are able to do hundreds of repetitions of the hardest exercise, if you do not eliminate the fat, they will not appear. If you want to be shown, your body fat percentage should be below 10% if you are male.For this you must incorporate in your routine high intensity cardiovascular exercises and, of course, reduce the intake of calories in the form of fats and hydrates in your diet.
2. Establish a fight without quarter
The fats that accumulate in the abdominals are the first to arrive and the last to leave, so you must maintain a permanent fight, without quarter. There are no miracles burning fat, the only way to remove it from the abdomen is by slowly burning it with high intensity cardio, diet and strength training exercises.
If you want to improve your abs, you should also work the rest of muscle groups
Maintain the long-term goal, be persistent with a proper diet, do high-strength training, and you will be able to keep body fat low forever. Probably, if you really want those abs, you need to apply a lifestyle change and a ton of discipline.
3. Only three times a week
If you work any muscle seven days a week, it will become saturated. Just as you do not train any other muscle groups on a daily basis, you should also let your abdominal muscles rest and recover from the exercise. It’s the only way they can grow. A good frequency can be exercising 3 to 4 times a week. If you let them rest, in addition to allowing them to recover, you will be able to train them in a more intense way and therefore the result will be better.
But do not forget that if you want to improve your abs, you must also work the rest of muscle groups. You need to increase your muscle mass so that your body consumes more fat and thus it costs less to define the ‘six pack’
4. Abs, better varied
Yes, the ‘crunch’ is the basic exercise that everyone does when they want to train their abs. Well, just tell you that it is not the only, nor is it the most effective.
The muscular group of the abdomen involves other muscles that you must exercise if you want to get definition. If you only do the typical ‘crunchs’ (lying on your back to raise your torso) your lower, transverse and oblique abs will hardly work and the result will be poor.The key is to incorporate into your routine more number of different exercisesThe transverse ones are like a belt around your waist, you must perform exercises like the ‘plank’ (lying on your stomach supported on the tips of the feet and forearms, keeping the body like a board, squeezing your abs for as long as it lasts The exercise) and if you can introduce twists to one side and another.
The obliques, however, are like two bands that fall diagonally to the pelvis and are responsible for the typical V shape.The key, therefore, is to vary the exercises, to incorporate to your routine more amount of different exercises, such as abs, bicycle, leg elevations or lateral elevations.
5. Increases the difficulty
If you do not, your abs will not pass from a very incipient state of development, you will not get anything if you do not increase the difficulty. Your abs get up

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A Simple Way – How To Get Six Pack Abs?

This question, how to get six pack abs, is in the minds of all teenagers and still matured person. Today, everyone wants to get his / her body should be attractive and well-firm. People spend a lot of time and money in gyms, buying expensive cars and weight loss pills, etc. but most of them do not get anything in the end, and they began to realize that it is only possible to TV stars and athletes.
Mike Geary is an expert in nutrition and exercise, his true e-book program on abs has become one of the most popular programs on the Internet in no time. The truth about the sit-up program, as its name implies, is totally dedicated to getting six pack abs you’ve always dreamed of.

A Simple Way - How To Get Six Pack Abs
Mike Geary does not support any kind of supplements, or suggest buying expensive equipment and making heavy abs. The only resources that are required are simple dumbbells and exercise mats that you can easily afford. This means that you can do exercises at home, there is no need to run to the gym. I have to clarify that you can not get six pack abs in an instant; Needs full dedication and hard work to follow a routine designed by Mike Geary.
That person thinks mostly, doing thousands of sit-ups over and over again to reduce excess abdominal fat. But this is a myth; Here Mike Geary helps you understand. Their program focuses not only on training, but is a comprehensive nutrition and training program that addresses your lifestyle and eating habits. The main reason for the success of your book is that it not only shows you what to do and how to do it, both for diet and workouts, but also tells you the reason behind doing those things. One thing I like about Mike Geary has made it clear at first before buying your book that if you really want six pack abs, you have to be very determined and fix your mind first, then go for it. This program is not a talisman you get six pack abs as soon as you get the book, but they need a lot of work and dedication.

The main reason for the success of your book is that it not only shows you what to do and how to do it, both for diet and workouts, but also tells you the reason behind doing those things. One thing I like about Mike Geary has made it clear at first before buying your book that if you really want six pack abs, you have to be very determined and fix your mind first, then go for it. This program is not a talisman you get six pack abs as soon as you get the book, but they need a lot of work and dedication.
Mike Geary is not only an author, but personally he is a well-known coach, so he knows how to get six pack abs and learn how to train with others. Mike Geary knows everything, this program has most of it. This is the reason, this program has become the most successful book in its field.

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The Importance of early Detection of Prostate Cancer

Men who do not have complaints, even after the age of 50 years after the controls should be done once said Professor. Doctors have emphasized the importance of early detection and regular controls in prostate cancer treatment.

The prostate, a secretory gland found in every man, is of great importance for male health. The urethra, which we call urethra, discharges the urine out of the prostate, and weighs about 18-20 grams. Due to this anatomical feature, the growth of the end result in pressure on a part of the urinary tract and leads to complaints.

Detection of Prostate Cancer

The prostate contributes to the formation of the liquid part of the menin. 95 percent of the semen volume with the seminal pouch is created by the prostate.

Prostate diseases are divided into three main groups: Prostate infections, benign prostate growth and prostate cancer. Prostate infections are seen in all age groups, but benign prostate growth and prostate cancer are mostly diseases of the older age group. Patients should be aware that they can’t get a prostate massage if they have any prostate issues and they should avoid using massage chairs for prostate massage if they are using any.

Beware of father and brothers!

Benign prostate growth is the result of progressive age-related hormonal changes. Prostate cancer in the family with prostate cancer is at greater risk.

Prostate enlargement leads to urine complaints. There may be symptoms such as frequent urination, difficulties in getting up at night, making urination and starting urination, dropping urine after the urine has dried out, decreasing urine power, feeling urine incomplete, bloody urination. Untreated can lead to serious problems, including kidney failure.

Regular checks even if there is no complaint

Benign growth occurs inside the prostate surrounding the urinary tract and leads to compression of the urinary tract. However, prostate cancer usually develops from the outside of the prostate, far away from the area surrounding the urinary tract. Therefore, urine may not cause complaints early on. For this reason, regular checks on the early diagnosis of prostate cancer are very important even if there is no complaint.

Since there is no protection against prostate diseases, men should not interrupt their regular checkups. In terms of early diagnosis of prostate cancer; After the age of 50, even if there are no complaints, and if they have prostate cancer in their family, they should have regular checks after 40 years of age.

PSA values are important

The methods used to diagnose prostate diseases can be listed as follows: urinalysis, evaluation of kidney functions, laboratory tests such as creatinine, BUN, PSA, urinary tract ultrasonography, urine flow rate measurement, amount of urine after urination, Multiparametric prostate MR, PET CT, Biopsies taken in conjunction with MR findings.

PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), which has an important place in the diagnosis of prostate diseases; Is a component of the protein structure secreted by the prostate epithelial cells. It provides the meninin liquefaction. When the structure of the prostate cells deteriorates, the level at the side increases.

Early diagnosis saves lives

PSA; Especially in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, treatment planning and follow-up follow-up. Early diagnosis is life saving as it is in other cancers. PSA values below 1 ng / ml have a very low risk of developing prostate cancer in the future.

In general, after the age of 50 years, annual PSA checks and prostate examinations are recommended. In the early diagnosis of prostate cancer, it is important that the PSA values of the person in the previous years are known. This should be taken into consideration if there is a sudden increase in PSA values. The normal values of PSA vary with age.

PSA; Apart from prostate cancer, prostate infections may also develop in benign growths. At very high PSA levels, prostate cancer may be predicted to be advanced if there is no ACUTE infection.

Despite the widespread use of PSA, PSA values of 20-25% of prostate cancer cases have been found to be within normal limits. For this reason, new tests and methods such as pro PSA, prostate health index and multiparametric MR are used more frequently in prostate cancer.

Treatment methods in prostate patients

Benign prostate growth from prostate diseases; Drug and surgical options. TUR-P (transurethral resection of the prostate) is a gold standard method for the surgical treatment of benign prostate when treatment with drugs is not sufficient. This process, which is a new technology with plasma machinetic TUR system, provides safe operation and high patient satisfaction. Another method that is applied indoors is laser treatment of the prostate like green-light, red-light. Open prostate surgery is rarely used only in very large prostates today.

The treatment of prostate cancer differs according to the disease stage. Surgery and radiotherapy (beam) treatment options are available for the treatment of prostate-limited (localized) disease. Surgical method is called radical prostatectomy. Radical prostatectomy can be performed by open or robotic methods. Radiotherapy uses external radiotherapy or brachytherapy. If prostate cancer has metastasized, hormone therapy and chemotherapy treatments are applied. In hormone therapy, it is intended to suppress the testosterone hormone and thereby slow the progression of the cancer.

This entry was posted in Health.’s 55,000 Users Accounts Compromised, which LinkedIn bought last year, is facing a serious security breach. Linkedin will be remembered and purchased by Microsoft and the agreement between the two companies has been completed in the past days.'s 55,000 Users Accounts Compromised

According to the email sent to users over the weekend, the attack affected the account of 55,000 users. According to Neowin, Linkedin said that by commenting on an official statement, he was resetting the passwords of the accounts for the purpose of prevention.

In addition to the relatively small number of users affected by the attack, an important detail is that the leaked passwords are encrypted. A Linkedin official said that 55,000 users reset their password for precaution, while about 9.5 million users with student information were stored in the database without a password. The firm said that there was no evidence that these data were released and added additional steps to secure accounts.

Linkedin announced that she bought in April 2015 and Lynda said that “quality and comprehensive video content adds strength to those who want to accelerate their career.” As Microsoft has pointed out, Microsoft has yet to acquire the giant LinkedIn. Although tries to make this leak seem like nothing, it is hard to deny that the living is unfortunate for Microsoft.

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Feature of Washing Blocks from Google Maps!

The new addition to Google Maps has made the service a plus to make it a service for everyone!

When you have a wheelchair, it’s getting harder to use your internet maps. For this reason, a third party application called Whellmap was prepared so that wheelchairs could be reached where the ramp and other signs were on the street. But there were still deficiencies in free movement. We need to thank Google, which is no longer a problem.

Google Drive Product Manager Rio Akasaka has developed Google Maps as an additional project in its free time, offering great service for wheeled boats. As it is known, Google offers a location based card dispatch service, which will allow you to say which restaurant in the vicinity is available for wheelchair users. This function may also work for baby users if the place to go contains many digits.

This new service from Google is currently only available in the US. The application expected to expand its scope over time will come to my country, which is now enigmatic.

Designing a Stylish Bathroom With Mirrors

Designing of a bathroom in a stylish way needs creative and out of the box thinking. Bathrooms are one of the smallest yet the most important room of our house. It is the most hardworking area of the house and thus needs to be decorated in a positive manner with careful detailing. Various elements in the bathroom like the fixtures, bathtub, mirrors, toiletries, color scheme and flooring play a major role in the bathroom decor. Good quality toilet also is an important part of a toilet. I personally think that compact toilets are the most beautiful ones among all toilet types, mostly famous restaurants and brands use these toilet fittings in their washrooms, having a casual toilet in a premium place doesn’t seem a good idea. found some great compact toilets at you should check these out.

Mirrors are an essential bathroom asset buy they often tend to fall behind when it comes to bathroom decorating and style. Ones you have decided on the type and style of the perfect mirror for your bath space, it’s time to discover the various ways to decorate your bath using those beautiful mirrors. In this article, you will not only get some smart and fancy ideas of bathroom mirrors but different ways you can hang them in your bathroom to give it a stylish look.

Eye-catching Symmetrical Display of Mirrors

Instead of placing a large mirror above the bathroom vanity or countertop, try using four identical mirrors arranged in a grid-like fashion above the vanity or the opposite wall. This kind of creative display of symmetrical mirrors is definite to draw many eyes towards it. You can make the décor look more enchanting by using stand-alone frameless.

Illuminate a Small Space with Light

Decorate your small apartment bathrooms with some exclusively large and elegant vintage style mirrors. These not only have a classy impact on the décor but create an illusion of light and space giving a perfect atmosphere to the area.

Multiple Frameless Mirrors

Place several unframed mirrors between the rustic panes and around the vanity. This makes to room look lot larger than it is. The frameless nature blends with any bathroom theme décor.

Go Gold and Traditional

Most of the traditional home décor matches with the bathroom décor. Using gold accents is the best way to go traditional in decorating your stylish bath area. The mirrors with different shapes in gold plated frames give an excellent sparkling look to the bath.

Double It Up Above the Sinks

Beautify your bathroom decor by using dual mirrors. His and hers style floating sinks impart a cool and contemporary touch to this colorful bathroom decor.

Accrue Your Mirrors

Arrange lots of mirrors on the wall to give an aesthetic appearance to the bathroom décor. You can choose from a vivid variety of shapes, sizes, and unique frames for a striking effortless display which a single large mirror cannot impart.

Lean Don’t Hang

You need not always hang the mirrors to the wall. Large mirrors look beautiful and chic when leaned on a mantle. The ornate chandeliers placed to reflect light beautifully throughout the place.

Mirror above the Bathtub

Make your bath a focal point by placing an attractive mirror above the tub.The mirror gives your bathroom décor an exceptional aura and discipline to beautify its looks.

My Laptop Says no Internet Access [Fixed]

There are some users who complain that they face the error “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET” while connecting to the internet. The laptop shows that it is connected to the network and the network icon shows it is working well. But they are unable to browse anything. If you are one of them, this discussion is for you too. Let’s see what measures you can try to solve this problem. By the way one can get rid of DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET error by following this guide by Pingzic tech blog, I followed the guide and it resolved the issue in a minute.

Method # 1: Restart the System

First, you should reboot the system and try to browse your desired sites again. This trick sometimes works very fine, and you do not need to go ahead. If it does not work, move to the methods below.

Method # 2: Check the Router and Reset it

There may be something wrong with the settings of your internet router. You need to reset it by using a thin pin. You will see a small hole at the bottom of the router that also shows the sign “Reset.” You need to insert the pin into it and keep it pressing for at least ten seconds and release it. Now wait for a while, it will restart in a couple of minutes. Try to open the sites now. It will work for sure.

Method # 3: Reinstall/Update the Driver

Sometimes, the error code “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET” appears due to a corrupted or old version of the network driver. You need to update it. You can also uninstall and then re-install too.

  • Go to the “Start” button and type “Device Manager” in the Search Bar.
  • You need to click “Network Adapters” appears in the list.
  • Now you should right-click the driver where you see a yellow triangle. It shows a corrupted or old version of drivers. So, you need to select “Uninstall” from the list.
  • Use another PC to install their drivers from the manufacturer’s official website. Download the latest versions of the drivers and install here by using a USB device.

Detailed guide is here:

Method # 4: Configure DNS

You need to change the configuration of DNS by following the process below.

  • Just go to the bottom right corner of the desktop window where you will see the “Network” icon. As soon you right-click on it, you will see the option “Open Network and Sharing Center.”
  • On the left side, there is a category “Change Adapter Settings” that is your required option.
  • Now right-click your active network connection and select “Properties.”
  • Here, you need to click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and also click “Properties” tab.
  • It will show you the DNS configuration that you need to change. Click the radio button “Use the Following DNS server addresses.
  • Add “” in “Preferred DNS server and “” in the “Alternate DNS server.” Click “OK” to save the changes.

Check this post for more info about DNS configuration:

Best Human Touch Massage Chair of 2017 “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base”

Buying a massage chair can be a daunting task, especially when you are confined to a specific brand. Nonetheless, Human Touch is one of the best massage chair brands manufacturing some of the feature rich massage chairs. Their massage chairs mimic the motions of a massage therapist, thus giving you a realistic massage experience.

The massage chairs offered by Human Touch have the most advanced robotic massage systems and other features. Moreover, the technology used by Human Touch is the preferred one of the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists.

Though there are many different massage chairs offered by Human Touch, however; we’ve managed to pull out on of the best from the list.

With no doubts, the Human Touch “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Wide-Body Premium Massage Chair with Warm Air Heat Therapy System” is one of their top selling massage recliners and comes are a very affordable price as compared to other massage chairs in the market. Back massagers can also be used if there’s a shortage of funds.

Below I have shared a detailed review of this chair and its amazing features along with the reasons why you must buy this massage recliner.

Human Touch “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Massage Chair

WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Massage Chair

For me, the Human Touch “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Massage Chair is 24/7 ready to deliver a relaxing massage, especially in this fast paced modern life where we hardly have enough time to take a break after a hectic day at work.

This massage chair offers you not only health benefits but also user-friendly controls, the affordability, and privacy of getting a wonderful massage at your home. In simple, it is the best solution to those who need a simple, yet an effective massage chair.

Features & Benefits

Here are the key features and benefits of using the Human Touch Massage Chair

1: Relaxation

The Human Touch “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Massage Chair provides you maximum relaxation by quickly eliminating the stress. This is done by focusing effectively on the pressure points on different parts of your body.

2: Overall Well-Being

You will feel a dramatic change in your body with daily massage sessions. It helps to improve the flexibility and balance of your body. The neck and back pain is eliminated and this promotes a better posture.

3: Stimulation

The rollers inside the massage chairs help to stimulate your veins and capillaries and encourages the flow of fresh and oxygenated blood throughout the body. This eliminates the pressure and stress on the tissues, bones, tendons and ligaments. Moreover, it also helps to increase the level of endorphins and promotes the flow of lymph fluid. This makes you feel stronger, energetic and younger.

4: Relieves Muscles Aches

Working on a strict routine can make your muscles stiff and painful. This as the pressure increases, they become sore and result in severe pain. The Human Touch “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Massage Chair uses realistic massage motions that soften the stiff muscles and helps quickly to release the pressure on different parts of your body. Ultimately, the muscle knots and spasms are eliminated.

Main Features

  • It has Body Map Pro feature that focuses exactly on the points that you want to treat.
  • It also has a 3D Orbital massage technology that quickly relaxes and restores your body from head to toe.
  • The base of this massage chair can easily swivel to 55 degrees.
  • It has an exclusive warm air technology that gives an instant relief from tensed muscles by targeting the lumbar area.
  • There is a retractable ottoman with a foot and a calf massager that is backed with Figure Eight
  • The massage chair is made soft with the SofHyde technology.
  • There are dual motors that give a great adjustment of back and provides rest to your legs.
  • Contains no friction or pinching (a major flaw in most of the massage chairs).

People Best Suited for This Massage Chair

  • Those with back pain.
  • Those on a busy schedule throughout the day.
  • Living and have a busy schedule.
  • Those involved in sports based activities.

Overall, any person can use this massage chair for relaxation and stress relief.


  • Affordable.
  • Comes with user-friendly control panels.
  • Has a compact design with an attractive appearance.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Comes with 3- Years warranty.


  • A few users who are tall complain that it feels a bit comfortable on the feet areas.
  • Has a learning curve.


Overall the Human Touch “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Massage Chair is a great option for you and promises to meet your massage requirements. It will provide you instant relief from pain and stress and will soothe your body.

Above all, it is backed by a 3-year limited warranty and has a very affordable price tag. Check outs its price and customer reviews on Amazon.

Android Malware – A Security Threat to All Devices Using Android Applications.

Android is an operating system that runs many mobile devices. Malware means malicious software that is specifically designed to damage or disrupt any system. Android malware software can damage any android operating system.

Surprisingly, most of the mobile devices used worldwide consist of Android operating system hence the chances of getting damaged from such malware increases.  With the increasing problem of virus the responsibility of eradicating it also increases. However, lots of efforts have been made worldwide to get rid of such problems.

Problems related to Android Malware is also in the latest news from U.S. Department of Homeland Security where it is stated that “Android is the most widely used operating system and continues to be a primary target of malware attack due to its market share and open source architecture. The malware’s like dns unlocker is also spreading rapidly and making our mobile phones slow.

The new government reports from the US have warned the state and local authorities about the dangers of security vulnerabilities. The report also notes that 44 percent of Android users are still running an outdated version of the operating system known as “Gingerbread,” which includes a number of security issues thereby resulting in many problems”.

It has been observed that by March 2013, Android was the target of 92 percent of all detected mobile malware threats. However, the best way to avoid any problem is to gain proper knowledge about it.  Some of the steps that can avoid such problems are mentioned below:

Avoid Suspicious Websites

•    It is always advisable to avoid visiting and downloading any materials from suspicious sites.
•    Pornography is considered to be the key cause of threats from malware so better avoid it.
•    Avoid dodgy sites to get rid of Android malware. Avoid downloading programs from third-party Android stores-
•    Third-party marketplaces are the most common case for spreading such malware
•    Try to stick to the Android applications given by the original mobile stores.
•    Google play store is also safer among others. Careful judgment of any program is required before installation-
•    Check before using whether most of the people are using it.
•    Get feedback from them about the consequences after using it.
•    Check the permissions of the programs before installation.

Try To Always Upgrade The Android Application Software In Use.

The best way to get rid of viruses is to upgrade the android system all the time as the latest versions consist of applications that can better fight with the viruses like with the 4.2 Android application the provision is such that some additional charges are required in case of any attempt to send SMS to premium testing services, so the option is in the hands of the user to use it or block it.

Use of Antivirus Software

Another way to avoid such problem is to install antivirus software in the system in use. Though it is not a total cure but one can just consider it as a preventive measure for their Android operating system.

So, better get acquainted with the latest versions of Android to get rid of viruses.

How to rotate a video? Step-by-Step Guide

These days, people inclined to use high-resolution cameras instead of conventional cameras. Most often, the user is not able to pay attention to the video orientation and that makes the video useless. But there are some tools that are very helpful to rotate the video in a very professional manner.

tools are listed below:

Free Video Flips and Rotate

Flip And Rotate Img

It is a fast and simple tool that allows the user to rotate the video in various standard predefined angles. The video can be easily rotated by 90 degrees and 180 degrees in a clockwise and anti-clockwise manner. Additionally, the video can be turned over horizontally as well as vertically that make your video more precise.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter Img

This tool is available free of cost and is considered all-in-one video converter. The video with 250+ format is supported with the help of this tool that includes FLV, MKV, MP4, DVD, WMV, AVI, and so on. It also contains a basic video editor that is very useful to rotate the video in a very convenient manner by PC, iPhone, or camcorder 90, -90, or 180 degrees.

Rotate Video

Rotate a Video Img

In the presence of this tool, you don’t have to install any software on the PC as you can use this without any installation. It is offered free of cost and it is available to rotate the videos that are stored on your PC. The video formats that are supported by this software includes MP4, AVI, FLV, MPG, and WMV. This helps you to turn the video in a 90 degree clockwise or anti-clockwise. This software not allowed to exceed the video size more than 5MB so you can rotate your video with the help of this online video editor tool with only 5MB size.

Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker IMG

This tool is perfect for those who are a Windows user that helps to rotate the video or flip the video. This tool is very easy to use and you can rotate the video in 90, 180, and 270 degrees. You can also flip the video vertically and horizontally.


iMovie Photo

To use this tool in an effective manner, you just need to follow the guideline. Simply go to the Finder icon that is located in the dock and then select the iMovie that is positioned in the Applications option on the left-hand side. Now it’s time to import the video so select the video that you want to rotate with the help of this software.

For this purpose, click o the File that is located in the main iMovie menu. Now, choose the Import option and then click on the Movies with the help of the  button of the drop down menu. There is a thumbnail appears in the event field. You just need to select the whole duration of the video and drag it to the upper-left side in the project library.

Click the video clip that is located in the project library and hit the rotation arrow that is positioned at the top of the screen. Click on a Done button.